Hi! We are developing a new matching service app for Japanese people.


and seeking a engineer for in-house web app development.


We are looking for engineers for two positions below. Please apply by stating the position you are interested in.

We look forward to receiving applications from many people.



Position1 (Short-term recruitment)


Employment period:Feb,Mar, Apr, May(negotiable)

Job type : Regular or Side jobs(negotiable)

Province : Home-based (full remotely)

Job Level : 2 to 4 years more

Salary : Gross 60,000 php – 70,000 php / month(negotiable)

Vacancies : 1~2



Position2 (Long-term recruitment)


Employment period:Feb~long term employment (negotiable)

Job type : Part-time or Side jobs (negotiable)

Province : Home-based (full remotely)

Job Level : 1 years more

Salary : Gross 300 php – 500php /hour

Vacancies : 1~2


We are a small Japanese company that produces teaching materials and operates e-learning for learning artificial intelligence.


This time, we will be developing a matching app as a new business, but since this is our first time developing a web app, we are looking for an engineer who can cooperate and support this development.



Job Posting Details


We’re particularly interested if you’ve worked extensively with Vue.js.




In-house development and contract development

Front-end & Back-end side development.

Create the environment on a server.

Create and optimize a DB structure(Fire Base).

Create the test code for each function.

Optimization of the application for maximum speed and scalability

Implementation of security and data protection

Test functions

Maintain the website, web application and its server (update SSL certificate etc.)

Incorporate the latest technology.

Troubleshoot and debug applications


Collaborate with Japanese co-workers

Provide training, help, and support to other team members

Collaborate with team designers, developers.

Define and communicate technical and design requirements

Find the best way to implement the function from the development aspect

Learn about new technologies

Required skills




Knowledge of Web servers

DB : NoSQL(Firebase)

Other : GCP

Good communication skills

Must be a graduate of BSIT, BSCS, BSICT, or any related course (Position1)



Backend : JavaScript

Frontend : HTML, CSS, JS, Vue

Server : Rental server

DB : NoSQL(Firebase)

Other : GCP

Working time


Flexible working & 1 hr lunch break

We have Over-time depends on the situation

There is a possibility to work on holidays/weekends


Apply By : 

  • Email


  • ugawa@study-ai.co.jp


Interview with Japanese staff(with English)

Coding Test

Final Interview with Japanese staff(with English)